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This product is the precision sheet metal stamping parts of circuit breaker, SOOT have been focused on providing customized services of components for low-voltage electrical appliances. We have rich experience in the production of circuit breaker accessories and provide circuit breaker assembly services for our customers.

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Circuit breaker is an important part of power system, which is responsible for the distribution of electric energy, protection system and other functions. Low-voltage circuit breaker is composed of contacts, arc extinguishing devices, operating mechanisms and protection devices. Contacts (static contacts and moving contacts) are used in circuit breakers to turn on or break the circuit. The basic requirements for contacts are: (1) it can safely and reliably turn on and break the circuit current below the limit short circuit current. (2) working current of long-term working system.(3) within the specified number of electrical life, there will be no serious wear and tear after switching on and breaking. The contact types of commonly used circuit breakers are butt contact, bridge contact and plug-in contact. Most of the butt contacts and bridge contacts are surface contact or line contact, and silver-based alloy inserts are welded on the contacts. In addition to the main contact, there are auxiliary contacts and arc contacts in each phase of the large circuit breaker.

The action sequence of the circuit breaker contact is as follows: when the circuit breaker is closed, the arc contact is closed first, then the auxiliary contact is closed, and finally the main contact is closed; on the contrary, when the circuit breaker is broken, the main contact carries the load current, and the function of the secondary contact is to protect the main contact, the arc contact is used to bear the arc cauterization when cutting off the current, and the arc is only formed on the arc contact, thus ensuring that the main contact is not ablated by the arc and works stably for a long time.The arc extinguishing system is used to extinguish the arc between contacts when the circuit is disconnected. The arc extinguishing system consists of two parts: one is a strong spring mechanism to quickly separate the contacts of the circuit breaker, and the other is that an arc extinguishing chamber is arranged above the contacts. The operating mechanism of circuit breaker includes two parts: transmission mechanism and tripping mechanism. (1) Transmission mechanism: According to the different operation mode of circuit breaker can be divided into: manual transmission, lever transmission, electromagnet transmission, motor transmission; according to the closing mode can be divided into: energy storage closure and non-energy storage closure. (2) Free tripping mechanism: The function of the free release mechanism is to realize the connection between the transmission mechanism and the contact system. A good finished product is assembled from high-quality parts. We provide customers with customized services for all kinds of parts.


Item Name metal stamping parts
Material Carbon steel,Mild steel,SPCC,Stainless steel,red copper,brass,phosphor copper, beryllium bronze,and other metal material
Thickness 0.1mm-5mm
Specification Customized,According to your drawings and samples
High Precision +/-0.05mm
Surface treatment Powder coating
Anodic oxidationNickel plating
Tin plating,Zinc plating,Silver plating
Cu plating etc
Manufacture Stamping/Laser Cutting/Punching/Bending/Welding/Others
Drawing File 2D:DWG,DXF etc
Certificate ISO SGS

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