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A DIN rail is a metal rail of a standard type widely used for mounting circuit breakers and industrial control equipment inside equipment racks. These products are typically made from cold rolled carbon steel sheet with a zinc-plated or chrome bright surface finish. Although metallic, they are meant only for mechanical support and are not used as a bus-bar to conduct electric current, though they may provide a chassis grounding connection.

This 35 mm wide rail is widely used to mount circuit breakers, relays, programmable logic controllers, motor controllers, and other electrical equipment. The EN 60715 standard specifies both a 7.5 mm (shown above) and a 15 mm deep version, which are officially designated.

C type rails are symmetrical within the tolerances given. There are four popular C section rails, C20, C30, C40 and C50. The number suffix corresponds to the overall vertical height of the rail.

G rail is generally used to hold heavier, higher-power components. It is mounted with the deeper side at the bottom, and equipment is hooked over the lip, then rotated until it clips into the shallower side.

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The advantages of a DIN rail system for mounting hardware components are numerous:
1.They save time and work - components simply snap or slide into place on the rail, rather than having to panel mount each individual component separately.
2.They save space - DIN rails allow for tight configurations of components and provide a convenient site for bringing internal and external wiring circuits together, ideal in limited space applications
3.They’re cost-effective, both in terms of DIN rail pricing itself and the potential it offers for high-density adjacent mounting - this can significantly reduce the overall amount of wiring and cabinet space needed
4.They promote neat and well-organized component layout, which is better for all-round safety and maintenance access



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